Welcome to cSPACE King Edward – a vibrant creative hub for Calgary’s artists, non-profit organizations and cultural entrepreneurs to connect and thrive!

You, yes you, are the most important part of this unique, creative community! The diversity of our tenant and member community is what makes our spaces come alive - our peers, our neighbourhoods, our city, the world...they are looking to us all to collectively make art, culture and creativity a powerful force for shaping the future!  

We’ve built this place to help you get there.

cKE is intended to be a DIY creative culture: what you put in is what you will get out - from experimenting with your practice in new ways to being open to new collaborations with your neighbours. Risk-taking, sharing and learning is what this community is all about.

Welcome to your new home :)


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cSPACE King Edward

1721 29th Ave SW, T2T 1P5

Tel. 403-476-2025